Bespoke professional services

Why choose us? Because we always offer exceeded expectations. Your passion is our passion. We guarantee an uncompromising pursuit of excellence through professionalism, commitment, passion, expertise, trust and integrity.

There are four cornerstones which make us deliver appreciated results:

  • expertise and craftsmanship
  • high quality standards
  • customer service
  • focus on innovation

See here what sets us apart from competition.

We strive to give the utmost care to your pride and joy, ensuring first class results. We ensure that every vehicle receives the same eye for detail and perfection and we exceed customers’ expectations through what we offer:


We design personalized in-house patterns to fit your unique needs, being thus able to offer full coverage for customized car body kits, panels, shapes, rare cars and modified/radically altered vehicles. The high quality personalized patterns created in-house allows Dragon AutoShield to extend the area of served customers – from luxury cars, motorcycles, trucks, lorries, yachts, boats and even luxury furniture (patterns that are non-existent in national and international databases); also, we ensure full coverage of the vehicle areas that some of the businesses that activate in the field cannot provide.


Service quality guarantee comes from the experience and know-how in the industry, having already installed paint protection film in various coverage levels on over 600 cars in the last three years only; we include here top-end cars, like Pagani, McLaren, Aston Martin, Porsche, Jaguar – both in UK and worldwide.


We use high performance and precision equipment that allows us to elaborate customized and precise patterns (depending on the preferences and requirements of our customers), with no cutting on your paint;


We only use high-end products for ensuring unrivalled quality that surpass the current industry standards. All of these ensure a smooth and flawless Paint Protection Film/windshield protection film installation, resulting in a breath-taking finish that shields your pride and joy.


We value customer experience and we strive to ensure total satisfaction by exceeding your expectations. We truly understand and respect the fondness our clients have for their cars; because of this, we strive to offer each and every collaborator outstanding works of art materialized in top-end quality services – no matter if we talk about detailing, PPF application or windshield protection film installation.


We can offer weekend and evening appointments to suit your needs. Feel free to get in touch with us – no-obligation quote. We are able to offer a mobile-based service if adequate and clean indoor space with good lightening can be provided.


We are aware of the quality of the work we provide. Because of this, Dragon AutoShield is among the few companies available on the market that implements a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – is essentially simple: if you are not satisfied with our services, a full refund will be made[1] in less than 72 hours[2]. A 10 year limited warranty is provided for all our PPF installations (the longest and most comprehensive warranty of its kind).

[1] [2] Conditions apply.


The quality management system implemented at Dragon AutoShield is one of the guarantees for our continuous improvement process. Kaizen (kai=change, zen=good), which is a long-term approach to work that systematically seeks to achieve small changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality, best describes our company culture. At Dragon AutoShield we are constantly moving forward and strive to refine our techniques, our services and our prestige as a company. We aim to satisfy all customer expectations. Because our business centres on our customers, we would like to receive your


At the moment, we are looking to ensure the perfect facilities (which are being given a total facelift) for our clients; we are fully insured for items we worked upon, our facility includes High Security with 24 hour CCTV and, if required, we can organise for your vehicle to be collected and delivered back to you upon completion. In the meanwhile, we offer a mobile-based service if adequate indoor space can be provided.


At Dragon AutoShield we truly believe that, in addition to helping others, being involved in charity also helps us remember what is really important. We aim to drive change towards sustainability and we enjoy being able to come up with our own unique way of giving back to the community. Find out more details about our ongoing projects on our blog.