Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: Dragon AutoShield offers innovative and dynamic performance to its business partners and an environment suitable for continuous personal and professional development for employees.

Vision: Dragon AutoShield will remain committed to delivering to all its clients and collaborators an uncompromising pursuit of excellence through professionalism, commitment, passion, trust and integrity. We are the choice that makes the difference in terms of Paint protection Film due to the cornerstones on which we build our existence: excellence and innovation.

Together with our employees, who adhere to the company’s values, and having an organic, efficient and effective management system, we provide top-end quality and unrivalled performance to each and every collaborator. We aren’t here to just detail and apply paint protection film on your vehicle. We are here to build relationships and get you enthused about the possibilities. It takes a certain eye and years of experience to deliver the level of quality, service, and innovation you will experience with us.


  • Strategic and operational excellence;
  • Integrity, trust and professionalism towards all internal and external partners – we strive to keep our partners’ trust by always offering what was promised to them in terms of service quality, reliability, efficiency and promptness.
  • Continuous personal and professional development of employees through involvement, assuming responsibilities, stimulating pro-activeness and initiative, and performance acknowledgement. It takes a genuine management commitment to investing in training, development of quality processes, and in instilling in every team member the recognition of their work quality importance. To this point, ongoing professional development provides us with the tools to think creatively, innovate, and embrace change—all key ingredients we need to advance our industry and better serve our clients.
  • Continuous improvement of the company – Continuous improvement is the path we all must take to advance our industry and successfully meet the changing needs of the clients we serve. Because of this, our Quality Management System provides a framework for measuring and improving our services and performance.
  • Shared prosperity. We recognize the value of integrating ethics into our everyday workplace culture – at all levels. The business environment we created here, at Dragon AutoShield, is an important element for initiating and developing Corporate Social Responsibility projects and campaigns through which we can improve the life of local and foreign communities. More than that, we always look forward to fully unlock our potential of long term sustainable growth and of more job creation.