The story

After years of training and hard work spent within the paint protection film (PPF) industry, learning from the best and delivering flawless results to satisfied clients, we decided that it is time to move on and start a business out of our passion. More than that, we added a responsible customer service culture, a wold-wide appreciated Quality Management System and we brought in the most talented, skilled and dedicated perfectionists – just to be sure that we do our work at the highest possible standards. And when we say “perfectionists”, we use the true sense of the word. The PPF application quality is just as important as the quality of the product. This is a learned craft that goes beyond good templates and custom cuts. Our team demonstrates high performance, detail-oriented strengths, versatility and preciseness. Stating this, our expertise and dedication allows us to deliver flawless PPF installation and proper full coverage of the panels, without peeling, wrinkles, tenting, cracking, yellowing, air bubbles, stretch marks on the film, contamination and finger/palm prints under the film and without other signs of poor PPF installation. Another factor that sets us apart from competition is the fact that we ensure full coverage of the vehicle areas that most of the businesses that activate in the field cannot provide – see custom coverage page for details.

Born out of passion for vehicles and enthusiasm for innovation, Dragon AutoShield brings closer to you the art and science of paint protection film application. We truly understand and respect the fondness you have for your car; because of this, we strive to offer each and every collaborator outstanding works of art materialized in top-end quality services – no matter if we talk about PPF application or windshield protection film.

More than that, we are aware that precision is the key to performance. Considering this, we only use high performance equipment that allows us to elaborate customized and precise projects (depending on your preferences and requirements), with no cutting on your paint. Dragon AutoShield is thus able to design personalized in-house patterns to fit your unique needs, being able to offer full coverage for customized panels, shapes and rare cars.

We strive to provide an excellent service in terms of quality of work, timely delivery, professional behaviour, customer service and value for money. We dedicate our time and effort to providing high-end services by using the latest technology, techniques, products and tools available on the market and thus performing the highest quality work possible. We are committed to continuous improvement, and our Quality Management System provides a framework for measuring and improving our services and performance.

What is more important is that we ensure that every vehicle receives the same eye for detail and perfection. We strive to give the utmost care to your pride and joy, ensuring first class results and maintaining a position within the finest professional car detailing companies in the industry. We guarantee an uncompromising pursuit of excellence through professionalism, commitment, passion, expertise, trust and integrity.

Whether you are looking for answers, have any queries or looking to book your vehicle with us, we are here for you. Let’s get in touch!