Custom coverage

The high quality personalized patterns created in-house allows us to offer full coverage for customized car body kits, panels, shapes, rare cars and modified/radically altered vehicles. There is a solution to suit your preferences and your vehicle, not matter what your requirements are.

Is it suitable for you what others call a “standard kit” (bumper, mirrors, ¼ bonnet and ¼ wings)? Would you prefer an extended kit (full front, A Pillars and sills) instead… or you already have PPF applied on your pride and joy, yet you feel that it is not enough? We are proud to say that we are among the few companies who can design our own patterns to fit your unique needs.

What sets us apart from competition is the fact that we ensure full coverage of the vehicle areas that most of the businesses that activate in the field cannot provide. Among these, we include:

After market body panels PPF coverage

You just received your after-market body panels and there are no templates available on the national and international databases…or other companies can provide PPF coverage only by cutting on your paint? No worries. We’ve got what it takes to offer you best services at a fair price/quality ratio – basically, we’ve got your back. Contact us for a quote or for extra details.

Radically altered/modified vehicles

Modified bonnet/bonnet scoops, fender flare or other modified panels? The high quality personalized patterns created in-house, together with our craftsmanship and experience, allows us to fully cover your pride and joy, providing protection and a perfect finish.

Inside air vent PPF coverage

We are aware of the vehicle areas that require protection – even when these are hidden from the viewer’s eye. An example is the inside part of the air vents, which usually suffer from road and environmental hazards, accumulating dirt, swirls and scratches. At Dragon AutoShield, we offer full protection of these areas as well – this being one of the elements that sets us apart from competition.

Radiator Grill PPF coverage

Modern cars are still plagued by metal and chrome finishes, when they are less desirable than they once were, so applying PPF on a car grill is a highly effective upgrade.

Door handle/door cups PPF coverage

Even if are part of a door, door handles are not usually pieces that have a template to be cut in the international databases – so, even if these are not difficult to be covered with PPF, most of the PPF installers cannot provide it without cutting on the paint. We can.

Rear diffuser PPF coverage

The rear diffuser is a car part seen on F1 cars, doing a very important job of providing additional down force to the rear of the vehicle at high speed. This means they are not generally seen on our day to day, run of the mill vehicles. When they are seen, they are on high end, expensive cars and are made of carbon fibre to keep the weight down. But, things move on and now the rear diffuser can be found on a wider range of vehicles across Mercedes, Audi, Range Rovers etc., without the highly expensive carbon fibre material. Applying PPF on the diffuser is the best way to offer protection and to add a high quality finish.

Front Splitter PPF coverage

The front diffuser, like the rear, is very popular among the modern cars for the styling benefits. The car keeps a low profile look great from the front and side, PPF ensuring protection and a quality finish. Mercedes have launched cars with body coloured diffusers, so applying PPF on them helps you get rid of the worries regarding colour match.

A-pillars PPF coverage

Although they are quite high on the car, A-pillars are exposed because of their front-facing position. Any damage they incur is obvious. The PPF applied on these will prevent something like this from happening, offering extra piece of mind.

Sills/rockers PPF coverage

Because of their low position, being close to the road, these are arguably the most beat up panels of a car. The PPF coverage is a must if you want to guard the lower part of your vehicle against a significant amount of damage (road hazards).

Kick-plates/footwell panels and/or tailgate/rear luggage areas PPF coverage

Generally, these are hidden areas that get damaged during different interactions. The film we use provides a protective barrier, defending against scrapes, scratches, scuffs, gravel strikes, and other hazards. It is designed to take a beating and still look great; more than that, it doesn’t require any special care after installation. Dirt, grease, tar and other contaminants hose right off.

Other areas

Depending on your preferences, needs or requirements, we may offer personalized designs and PPF application on other parts of the vehicle (even the back of seats, carbon door cards or other interior trim).