Full front coverage

A full front coverage (no matter the model of the car) includes:

  • full wings
  • the front bumper
  • full bonnet
  • wing mirrors
  • headlights
  • other custom panels within the front of the vehicle, depending on the type of the car, like lower bumper vents, front fog lights, front daytime running lights, radiator grill etc.

For a full front coverage, the service duration starts from 8 hours. For best results, 12 hours curing time is recommended after the PPF is applied.

The price may vary, depending on the complexity of the car, its type and its paint condition. A full front coverage at Dragon AutoShield starts from £1350 + VAT.

  • multi-Stage Wash: correct techniques and high-end products (Citrus Pre-Wash, Snow Foam and pH Neutral Shampoo) are used within the process, in order not to deteriorate the condition of the paint;
  • two-stage decontamination process: Fallout Remover used to remove any embedded iron contamination from the vehicle paintwork and clay bar decontamination;
  • panel surface preparation;
  • proper full coverage: one piece of film is used to cover each panel when possible; for ensuring maximum protection, we wrap the edges out of sight –thus ensuring an edgeless appearance- and we provide virtually perfect alignment/seam edges; gloss and matte finishes are available;
  • installation of custom designed and pre-cut patterns of best-quality self-healing paint protection film available on the market;
  • courtesy exterior wash upon completion;
  • warranty.

Any other panel coverage may be added to a full front coverage, depending on your needs and/or requirements.

This is our most requested paint protection package available. While it elevates “the line” and offers significantly coverage than other options (available through custom coverage), Full Front Coverage does not include any additional pieces on sills, trim, lips, or other areas of concern. If you want to maximize paint protection, we recommend upgrading to a Ultra Complete Coverage or contacting us about any addition areas of interest on your vehicle’s exterior.

We always go the extra mile to ensure that every car we install film on leaves not only well protected, but with a virtually invisible install that will stand the test of time. Interested? Feel free to contact us with questions, inquiries, or just to say “hi”. We are here to give you all the details you need in order to make a responsible and best interest decision when investing in your pride and joy!