PPF Removal

Dependent on coverage.

The PPF removal service at Dragon AutoShield starts from £100 + VAT/hour with a minimum of one hour billed.

The price includes:
• delicate and professional removal of old generation, failed paint protection film that may be cracked, scratched, discolored, or damaged in any way;
• courtesy exterior wash upon completion.

Since every vehicle is different and we can never be too sure about the quality of another shop’s install or the film they utilized, paint protection film removal is offered on a case by case basis and billed hourly.

The benefits of new paint protection are a welcomed addition to any vehicle, but no one likes the looks of worn out film. If you have an old install of inferior film plaguing any part of your vehicle, it can detract significantly from the overall appearance, and chances are, it’s not offering effective protection.

Utilizing honed techniques and plenty of patience, we can carefully remove any paint protection film from your vehicle. In addition to failing film, we can also remove any residues, adhesives, or surface scratching from improper installation, and get it back to bare perfection before applying fresh paint protection film.

Additionally, a “removal release waiver” will need to be signed at the time of scheduling your paint protection film removal appointment.