One word sets what we do at Dragon AutoShield apart from other paint protection film installers: quality. Not only do we use the highest quality film on the market today but we make sure you receive the best installation possible.

Many companies use pre-cut kits of film made for “your” vehicle. However, nothing will give you as much coverage and protection as a fully custom install tailored exactly to your car (find out more about precut vs. hand-cut paint protection film patterns). Think of it as you would a fine suit. Do you think one bought off the shelves of a department store will fit you as well as one made for you by a tailor? The installation process is a very delicate one and not to be done by inexperienced hands.

For obtaining this, we not only use high performance and precision equipment, but we also have the skills and ability to create designs from scratch (find out more about how custom paint protection film patterns are obtained) , based on your car’s particular features.

What do we do different?

1. We ensure maximum protection, by wrapping the edges out of sight:

2. Through the installation process, we use one piece of film to cover each panel, when possible:

Having many seams on a vehicle’s paint make it susceptible to lifting at the edges and puts your vehicle’s paint at risk. All of this can be avoided if the car is simply brought to an experienced installer from the very beginning.

3. We provide a virtually perfect alignment and invisible seams (where the use of a single piece of film to cover a panel is impossible).

All the kits are designed to be as sympathetic as possible to the shape and design of the vehicle, so any visible edges should not look out of place:

4. No cut on your paint. Not only we demonstrate innovative and dynamic performance in our practices but, most important, we have acquired experience, skills and learned craft that goes beyond good templates and custom cuts, ensuring a flawless installation. We use high performance and precision equipment that allows us to elaborate customized and precise patterns (depending on the preferences and requirements of our customers), with no cutting on your paint.

5. Our installers possess exceptional understanding of PPF installation process, are detail-oriented and adhere to Kaizen Management principles, striving to offer total customer satisfaction. Quality control is one of the most important stages of our service, helping us to offer flawless PPF installation – no wrinkles, tenting, cracking, yellowing, air bubbles, stretching marks on the film, contamination and finger/palm prints under the film and other signs of poor PPF installation.

Notice all the needless and unsightly seams in the film the unwrapped edges or the less of effort put in applying the film correctly? Not only do they detract from the look of the vehicle, but these can be found on places where the vehicle needs protection the most.

6. We will cover the custom panels that can be found on your vehicle, no matter if pre-cut templates are available on national and international databases, being thus able to offer you a fully custom install tailored exactly to your car.

The high quality personalized patterns created in-house allows us to offer full coverage for customized car body kits, panels, and modified/radically altered vehicles. After market body panels, rare cars, difficult shapes and extreme curvatures? We are here for your customized needs.

7. The film we use retains the original finish of the panel, regardless of it being gloss or matte:

At Dragon AutoShield, we always go the extra mile to ensure that every car we install film on leaves not only well protected, but with a virtually invisible install that will stand the test of time.

Have a hard time telling that it’s even there? That is what sets us apart from the competition.


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